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Levi’s Reveals Regent Street Redo

Levi’s has fancied up its London flagship after a 10-week closure.

The Regent St. store, a few blocks south of the Oxford Circus Underground station, reopened last month after a refitting that reflects the brand’s new Indigo retail concept.

Levi’s describes the concept as “the pinnacle expression of our full lifestyle offering and denim leadership” that has been informed by consumer insights, market research and best practices from its smaller footprint NextGen retail concept.

Overall, the new store serves as “a bridge to the digital space,” Anit Van Eynde, vice president of North Europe marketing for Levi’s, told Unzipped, the Levi Strauss & Co. blog. “It’s no secret that consumers are shopping in more hybrid ways than ever—and that the physical store continues to be a big part of that omnichannel journey,” she continued. Among the new features is that customers can use the Levi’s app to get more product information and styling cues from QR codes placed throughout the store and take advantage of mobile checkout.

The more typical brick-and-mortar attractions include the store’s heart, the expanded Tailor Shop in the front, where shoppers can get their purchases customized or altered. Van Eynde also said, “Fun fact: our Regent Street store boasts the biggest number of in-store mannequins in the world as of today, 78. That’s quite deliberate because we’re walking shoppers through denim fit and lifestyle storylines in easy-to-shop ways.”

To promote the made-over destination, the brand has launched the “LDN in Levi’s” campaign, a twist on its Live in Levi’s slogan with signage on the side of double-decker buses and in the Oxford Circus tube station. The campaign celebrates the British capital and its young creatives and includes the temporary installation of a denim patchwork tapestry by recent Central Saint Martins graduate Corbin Shaw. Called “London Tapestry,” the piece shows some of Shaw’s favorite places in the city and will be on view in the Tailor Shop through Nov. 4. Shaw, who was born in 1998, has also created unique patches to customize Levi’s products.

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The last time the 25,000-square-foot Regent Street store received a major overall was in 2010 when retail and brand design agency Checkland Kindleysides redid it.

Levi’s currently operates 12 standalone stores and factory outlets in London. It debuted its new Levi’s Haus concept—which sells repaired, recycled or reimagined secondhand Levi’s merchandise—in the heart of the city’s Soho neighborhood in October 2020.