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Levi’s Shanghai Outpost Aims to Become First LEED Certified Store in China

As Levi Strauss & Co. furthers its investment in sustainability, it’s making sure that its stores measure up.

The heritage denim company opened an experiential store in Shanghai last month that is aiming to become China’s first LEED-certified retail space.

The store, a 670-square-meter unit complete with a “denim forest” art installation, features a centrally located skylight which serves as a focal point as well as a source of natural lighting. Built using eco-friendly features and technologies, the store demonstrates the brand’s full commitment to sustainability.

The shop is being evaluated across categories such as energy use, water efficiency, indoor environment quality and sustainable materials. Levi’s is partnering with the building’s landlord to use water-saving appliances, energy star equipment and advanced air filtration systems according to international standards to earn its LEED Silver status and join its other certified properties. In 2016, Levi’s Sky Harbor Distribution Center in Nevada became certified LEED Platinum.

The certification process for the Shanghai store will guide the brand on store design and operations as it looks to open additional retail spaces throughout China.

“LS & Co.’s commitment to environmental and social good comes to life through LEED: water and energy savings, sustainable material choices and indoor air quality considerations have been woven into the customer experience” said Liza Schillo, Levi’s senior manager of sustainability. “In doing so, we hope our fans will consider their own environmental footprint and join us in our journey toward a more positive tomorrow.”