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Lil Yachty Makes His Love of Nautica Official

Nautica announced Friday a new partnership with Lil Yachty, Grammy-nominated 19-year-old social media star, naming him a brand creative designer of 2017.

Lil Yachty’s addition to the team comes after VF. Corp., Nautica’s parent company, announced a new corporate gender equality initiative last month.

In his new role, Lil Yachty will work with the brand to design a capsule collection, as well as be featured in digital and social media campaigns. His self-proclaimed love of Nautica makes him an ideal brand creative director, allowing him to merge his own aesthetic with some of the brand’s classic pieces.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Lil Yachty this year,” said Karen Murray, Nautica president. “He is much more than just a music artist, he is a creative soul. His innate passion and affinity for the brand, fabulous taste level and the way he looks in our clothes, make him the perfect partner for the Nautica brand.”

Nautica will continue to sell their classic sportswear collections along with the reintroduction of classic styles popular among shoppers. The capsule collection features

“Nautica is like a part of me,” said Lil Yachty, “It’s for kids, sailors, grown men, and cool people. The designs – the old designs, the new designs, I think it’s dope. There’s not really much out there like Nautica.”