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Lindex and Jeanologia Work Toward Sustainable Denim

Sweden-based clothing brand Lindex teamed up with Spanish denim consultants Jeanologia to launch its first range of sustainable denim this fall. The line is made with sustainable fibers produced with low impact process, less water and reduced energy consumption.

Using the Jeanologia EIM Software score criteria, Lindex Bangladesh production office has together with suppliers tweaked at all parts of the denim process making it more sustainable. Some washings were discontinued, such as extra rinses, and other washes were combined saving water, energy and chemicals. Overall, the process uses 27 percent less energy and 42 percent less water, compared to standard denim production.

“Together we have worked to make a beautiful and authentic product in a sustainable and environmental cost saving way. What matters is not only the product itself, but also the way it is made and how it is produced; that is part of the DNA of the product,” said Jeanlologia CEO Enrique Silla.

The debut collection for women includes button-front skirts, wide-leg trousers, slim fit jeans, high-waisted jeans and cropped jeans.

Lars Doemer, Lindex global sustainability manager for production, said the denim project is just the beginning in the company’s sustainable efforts. “We seek constant improvement in how our fashion is produced and we are working hard to reduce our environmental impact. In this sustainable denim collection we have selected some of our most popular denim styles for women and kids and worked through the washing processes. Small changes led to great results. Now we look forward on implementing this technique at all of our denim,” he said in a statement.