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LS&Co.’s Bart Sights Named Aspen Institute First Mover Fellow

Bart Sights, Levi Strauss & Co. vice president of technical innovation, was named a 2016 Aspen Institute First Mover Fellow. First Movers is a global network of intrapreneurs that work within their companies to solve challenging social and environmental problems.

Fellows were nominated by industry leaders, peers or the program’s academic partners for their work in innovation. In his work at the Eureka Innovation Lab, Sights oversees research and development related to the design of Levi’s products.

This year’s fellows represent a diverse set of companies including finance, public affairs and business development. The companies include Best Buy, GE, IBM, IDEO, LinkedIn, The CocaCola Company and Visa Inc.

The initial Fellowship year includes three seminars built around the core themes of innovation, leadership, reflection and community.

Bryan Walker, a member of the First Movers design team and IDEO managing director, said, “First Mover Fellows are champions for exciting innovations that build competitive advantage for their firms and set the bar higher for others.”