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M.i.h Delves Into Embellished Custom Denim

Mark our words: 2017 will be the year of customizable denim.

London-based brand M.i.h hops on the trend with Denim Girls Project, a newly launched online service that offers consumers customizable denim options.

Shoppers can curate their own mix of patchwork and bespoke embellishments. The website offers loose shirts, cropped jeans, jean jackets and patch packs to let the shopper’s creative flag fly, and a bespoke service that connects shoppers to the company’s designers to help them achieve their dream styles.


“I was inspired to bring together our network of denim girls to collaborate on this exciting project where they can make their denim their own in a way that hasn’t been done before,” said Chloe Lonsdale, M.i.h founder and chief creative officer. “Our denim girls all bring a London sense of style and a love of vintage denim to their creations. I love the fact our customers can ultimately co-create their own product with us for a totally unique result. It feels playful, modern and collaborative.”

The M.i.h clothing retails for $220-$320, with an additional $15-$45 per customization.