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Macy’s to Test Backstage Concept in 45 Stores in Q4

When it’s deliver-or-die, supply chains become the lifeblood of a company. To that end, the fashion industry has embraced technology to navigate today’s hyper-complicated supply chain, with myriad solutions shaping the first, middle and last mile. Call it Sourcing 2.0.

Macy’s is hoping its off-price offshoot, Backstage, will help it have a happier holiday season this year.

During an investors’ call discussing the department store retailer’s third-quarter results, chief financial officer Karen Hoguet revealed plans to put Backstage pop-up apparel shops in around 45 Macy’s stores in Q4.

“This merchandise will be put adjacent to our Last Act clearance areas and, like Last Act, will be coupon free,” Hoguet said.

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