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Madewell Celebrates 24 Days of Denim

Madewell announced the launch of Days of Denim, the indigo answer to the nativity calendar, on Tuesday. Following the release of Madewell’s core denim collection, for 24 successive days, the brand is releasing a daily denim obsession.

The denim days will range from limited-edition collaborations, new denim releases from Madewell, gifts with purchase, customization options and a national tour announcement.

Madewell will release the details of each new denim day on the site and through social media.

Together with like-minded brands, Madewell is collaborating on a series of denim-based products. With Goop, the lifestyle brand helmed by Gwyneth Paltrow, Madewell will release a denim jumpsuit;  and with Brooklyn-based brand B Sides, the company is debuting a pair of vintage Wrangler-Madewell mashup patchwork jeans.

Jumping on the denim sneaker trend, the brand is working with Vans and Saucony to release denim versions of the Sk8 high-top the DXN sneaker, respectively.

Madewell is also offering 15 jean jackets with the opportunity to have them custom chain-stitched by Austin-based artists from Ft. Lonesome.

The collaborations range out of apparel with a scented candle by P.F. Candle Co., inspired by overalls fresh from the laundry, and a denim-upholstered chair by ABC Carpet & Home.

Madewell is also adding its own new denim offerings, starring the Anywhere Jean, a super-soft, 360-degree stretch pant, and more eccentric items including a denim duster, maternity jeans and a jean jacket-turned-dress. The brand is also amping up its premium offerings with hand-distressed Japanese selvedge jeans and sailor-inspired jeans custom embroidered with stars.

In addition to the product debuts, the Denim Days will feature two main denim events. On Aug. 7, customers who bring in their old jeans to recycle will receive two $20 discount cards to put toward new jeans . On Aug. 10, Madewell will launch the Denim Every Day tour, featuring musical performances, live chain stitching and denim recycling. Madewell will be joined on tour by Blue Jeans Go Green, Ft. Lonesome and online pin fashion shop Pintrill.

Joyce Lee, Madewell head of design, said, “Thinking out of the box and reimagining how denim could be used for this program was a lot of fun for my team. It was a sky’s-the-limit process that allowed us to use denim to create some of our favorite things.”