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Madewell Kicks Off Denim Forever Tour

Madewell is debuting another event for denim lovers. The women’s apparel company is bringing the Denim Forever tour, a 13-day denim recycling and live chain stitching celebration, to six cities in the United States.

The Denim Forever tour will be held at participating Madewell stores and feature a denim recycling pop-up for the Madewell x Blue Jeans Go Green program, live chain stitching by Austin-based embroidery company Ft. Lonesome, a Pintrill custom pin bar and performances by indie-pop group Freedom Fry.

Attendees’ old jeans will be reused by the Madewell x Blue Jeans Go Green program to benefit those in need. Since its launch two years ago, the Madewell x Blue Jeans Go Green program has turned 70,000 plus pairs of jeans into housing insulation for many organizations, including Habitat for Humanity. In 2015, Madewell started a mobile denim recycling station in New York City, which then traveled to Los Angeles and now will be available to the public in Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland and Seattle.

At all six Denim Forever tour store locations, Madewell will set up recycling stations outside that will have a vintage pickup truck and collection crates. Attendees may recycle a pair of jeans and receive a discount ($20 off) on any new Madewell denim for participating in this community initiative. At the event, attendees may buy jeans from the company’s Fall ’16 collection and personalize their denim with Ft. Lonesome’s designs and Pintrill’s cute pins.

Individuals who would like to take part in the Madewell x Blue Jeans Go Green program outside of the Denim Forever tour may bring their gently used denim to any Madewell store in the United States.