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Madewell’s Spring Denim Drop Gives ‘90s Vibes

Madewell’s Spring 2023 denim collection has dropped.

“For the new collection, we were inspired by ’90s denim styles and their variety of fit and leg shapes,” Mary Pierson, Madewell senior vice president of denim design, said. “We’re really excited about our straight leg styles that come in a variety of widths, from oversized to relaxed.”

Pierson also spoke highly about the skinny flare jeans and mid-rise kick-out crop jeans. Wide-leg, baggy, slouchy and flare are also featured in the brand’s spring collection.

“Every woman should have a variety of denim fits in her closet,” Pierson said. “These silhouettes can be styled for various occasions.”

And the brand wants those silhouettes to have the best fit possible. That’s why Madewell is always searching for new technology and works to find the emerging tech that works best to enhance the comfort and fit of its jeans. For this collection, the high-rise styles have what Madewell calls “magic pockets,” a technology that reinforces the front of jeans by offering the right amount of tension to hold the wearer in. The brand also partners with its key mills to create vintage, old-school-inspired denim that provides a range of stretches to enhance the wearer’s shape.

“It’s important to have a variety of denim styles because it adds dimension and versatility to your wardrobe,” Pierson said. “There is a lot of proportion play happening this season with wearing tops and outerwear, so it’s very necessary to pair those back to the right denim fit and leg shape. For example, a small, fitted top is a great complement to our Slouchy Boy jeans, and oversized tops and outerwear pair well to our Straight Leg jeans. I also love playing around with proportions that create a ‘bigger and better’ look, specifically with oversized tops paired back to our Superwide-Leg jeans and heels.”

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A few years into its resale program, Madewell aims to keep quality top of mind when designing jeans to increase the product’s longevity, Pierson added.

“We want to ensure we offer the best-in-class quality that will last for years to come, and with our denim trade-in program and upcycled collections, our jeans can have lives beyond its first, second and even third wearer,” she said.