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Man Finds 124-Year-Old Levi’s in Family Trunk

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Despite the jeans’ brand-new appearance, the pair of Levi’s Jock Taylor found amongst old family goods stored in a trunk for decades were most likely from his great-great grandfather Solomon Warner an Arizona pioneer circa the 1800s, Fox Business reported.

According to the same report, Brit Eaton, a vintage jeans dealer who searches abandoned mines for inventory, weighed in on the price point of finding such a gem.

Vintage denim can be worth thousands of dollars,” Eaton told Fox Business. “Finding Levi’s pre-1900 is a massive rarity. That’s the Holy Grail.”

Taylor believes the seemingly never-worn jeans belonged to his great-great grandfather due to his towering height of 6 foot 6 inches, as the jeans are 44 inches wide and 37 inches tall.

After Warner died in 1899, his family passed down the wooden trunk from generation to generation. Taylor found the jeans in top-notch condition, and decided to take them to an expert to be appraised when an antique appraisal show came to his hometown.

A key indicator, according to Auctioneer Daniel Buck Soules, was the exposed rivets indicating that the jeans dated back prior to 1937, when Levi’s began covering the rivets with denim.

“The last pair of blue jeans that sold from the 1880s, it’s my understanding, were purchased by Levi’s for six figures,” Souls told Fox Business.