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Maple Denim Smashes Kickstarter Goal in 36 Hours

Maple Denim is on a mission to prove that quality selvedge denim doesn’t have to break the bank. The U.K.-based manufacturer, which turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for its new range of affordable, non-protective selvedge denim jeans, announced Thursday that it has smashed its initial £30,000 (about $47,000) target on the crowd funding platform in just 36 hours. The funding closes on Dec. 24.

The boutique denim brand, a favorite amongst motorcycle enthusiasts, is currently the highest funded British-made fashion retailer in Kickstarter’s history. The company, founded by Dave Fairbairn in 2011, is focused on supporting the British apparel industry and growing its manufacturing capabilities.

To date hundreds of denim enthusiasts have made Kickstarter pledges to purchase a number of different jeans or clothing packages, including selvedge denim jeans and a T-shirt, and pairs of Kevlar-lined jeans. By using a direct-to-consumer selling model, Maple Denim aims to offer jeans at half the price of high street equivalents.

Fairbairn said he has always wanted to produce products in the U.K., but when he started out three years ago, there simply wasn’t an option to do so. He added, “What’s exciting about producing here in the U.K. is not only are we able to help a British industry brought to it’s knees by outsourcing, we can help the British economy by creating jobs, and deliver consumers high end products for a fraction of the price of equivalents on the high street. Win, win, win.”

Maple Denim got its start when Fairbairn wanted a pair of protective jeans that were fashionable enough to wear off his bike. He teamed up with Satish Tailor of London’s HST Creative, and after two years of development and over 20,0000 miles of personal prototype testing, introduced the industry’s first Kevlar-lined selvedge denim motorcycle jeans.

The jeans are getting the Hollywood treatment, too. Actor Keanu Reeves will be using them to promote his new KRGT-1 motorcycle, which will hit the U.K. soon.