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Matrix World Group Chile Taps Mount Vernon Mills for Flame Resistant Collection

Matrix World Group Chile has launched its first collection of treated flame resistant clothing, all manufactured using fabric from Mount Vernon FR.

Mount Vernon FR is part of Mount Vernon Mills’ Apparel Fabrics Group, based in Trion, Georgia, which produces denim, flame resistant and piece-dyed fabric.

Matrix World Group, based in Santiago, specializes in the technical design, development and custom manufacturing of flame resistant workwear for industrial use. Until the recent collaboration with Mount Vernon FR, the company’s primary focus has been on high-quality flame resistant clothing made from inherent flame resistant fabrics.

Mount Vernon FR offers a variety of flame resistant fabrics, including denim. Fabrics can be made from cotton, nylon, Dupont’s Nomex, Lenzing’s Tencel or blends of these materials.

“Working with Mount Vernon FR, we have paired two of the strongest brands in the industry, allowing us to provide consumers with treated and inherent flame resistant clothing without tradeoffs in comfort or protection,” said John Funk, president of MWG Chile.

Flame resistant fabrics have become a growing and important sector for many U.S. mills that can use their expertise in fabric development but not be as concerned about price as more competitive fabrics. The use of FR clothing has expanded as people in industrial and public safety jobs seek safe but comfortable clothing, and in the general population for people in involved in activities where fire hazards may exist.

MWG Chile will offer a complete collection of UL-certified products including flame resistant shirts, pants, coveralls and jackets, all made using fabric from Mount Vernon FR. MWG’s new flame resistant clothing line will be available across South and Central America.

“This collaboration enables us to combine our shared dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction,” said Mike Woods, vice president of FR fabrics for Mount Vernon FR.

MWG Chile has been servicing electrical utility, oil and gas, and mining companies in South America for the past three years.

Mount Vernon Mills is a 175-year-old manufacturer of textile, chemical and related products for the apparel, industrial, institutional and commercial markets. Mount Vernon makes a range of denim fabrics, including new groups of vintage printed denims and quilted denims, along with a variety of blends, such as cotton with Lycra or Tencel, and fabrics with performance characteristics such as moisture wicking, water repellency and anti-microbial.