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Maurizio Donadi and Dockers Return with Two New Khakis Collections

Khakis from the ’80s and ’90s are once again the subject of Dockers’ collaboration with Atelier & Repair co-founder, CEO and creative director Maurizio Donadi. Through Transnomadica, an upcycling initiative he launched in 2020, Donadi reinterpreted Dockers ’80s-style pleated khakis to withstand the next 20 years of trends.

On Tuesday, Donadi launched two collections in collaboration with the Levi Strauss & Co. label. The first is Donadi’s modern interpretation of the original ’80s pleated Dockers khaki pants in the original khaki color, an un-dyed twill and a patchwork combination of the two. A more casual version of the pant with an elastic waist is also part of the collection. Rounding out the line is a woven shirt, a mock neck fleece top and an unconstructed cotton twill blazer offered in the three colorways as well as a khaki twill fishtail parka and cotton T-shirt.

The second is a curated Dockers Vintage range of khakis from the ’80s and early ’90s that Donadi sourced. The latter included pieces that were minimally updated, requiring nothing more than washing and repairs like button replacements and stitching reinforcement. No items were altered in fit.

“My approach to design is never on the present, but on what stuff could be once it’s lived in and used, hopefully for a very long time,” Donadi said.

The casualization movement of recent years has helped reframe the khaki as a trendy bottom. Dadcore trends and the “Kornacki’s khakis” moment of early 2021 fueled the style’s popularity.

The new Dockers x Transnomadica collection ranges from $70-$359, while the vintage collection ranges from $95-$250. Both collections are available on,, and at Ron Herman’s Melrose Avenue store in Los Angeles. Sizes range from S-XXL for tops and pull-on bottoms, and 28-36 waist for other pants.

Dockers’ storied past lends well to a partnership with Transnomadica. Last February, the companies collaborated on “Oh Khaki, My Khaki,” a collection of over 100 pieces of unique vintage khaki and casual lifestyle garments, ranging from the late ’80s to the early ’90s. Prior to that, Dockers partnered with Donadi’s Atelier & Repairs brand on a collection centering on Dockers’ Signature Khaki, upcycled with utilitarian elements to promote sustainability.

“Opportunities to resurface pieces of our heritage come up so often, and I think that speaks to the timelessness of this brand,” said Nick Rendic, Dockers global head of design. “Classic will always be relevant, and that’s something Dockers has always done well.”