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Mavi Doubles Down on Comfort and Sustainability for Fall

Mavi is proving the power of producing through chaos. The premium denim brand’s Fall/Winter 20-21 collection features new styles that are a direct reflection of the times, with timeless, eco-friendly pieces front and center.

The season’s key story focuses on the brand’s sustainable All Blue collection, produced using innovative laser technology and eco-conscious washing techniques that use less water and energy. It features natural materials including Tencel, organic cotton and recycled fibers—a top priority among consumers seeking high-quality, sustainable pieces in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The general consensus among industry experts is that consumers are now seeking durable investment pieces created without inflicting further harm on the environment. And because they’re staying home more often, comfort is a top priority.

“We’ve all found ourselves living in a very different world than we knew a few months ago,” said Alissa Friedman, Mavi’s marketing and PR manager. “Customers have prioritized casual clothing and quality, choosing to shop from brands they trust.”

Mavi’s Fall/Winter 20-21 collection features new fashion fits and sustainable fabrics developed exclusively for the premium denim brand.
Mavi Eva jumpsuit Courtesy

For those reasons, Mavi’s introduction of its Feather Blue line is especially timely. Designed exclusively for Mavi, the Tencel-recycled cotton blend fabric delivers softness without compromising the authentic denim look. It’s created by pairing the Tencel-recycled cotton blend with a premium denim weave for a soft, textured product that evokes a classic L.A. denim vintage aesthetic.

New fits include the Viola, a high-rise cropped straight leg with a raw hem, available in an indigo wash with a ’90s effect, as well as the Eva, the brand’s first jumper silhouette. Part of Mavi’s All Blue collection, the jumper is made with 100 percent organic cotton, and features a light vintage wash.

Whether consumers are dressing to work from home or escape for a socially distanced weekend trip, Friedman notes that the right denim piece will anchor any outfit, no matter the season or circumstances.

“Denim is timeless—it’s one of the few clothing products that customers look to as a constant staple item and will continue to wear regardless of the season,” she said. “Anything in comfort, stretch fabrics will be in high demand, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.”