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Mavi Designs Outside the Skinny Jean Box for Fall/Winter 19-20

It isn’t easy to break old denim habits, but Mavi’s Fall/Winter 19-20 collection is rich with new shapes and fabrications.

And the diverse collection is well-timed.

Arkun Durmaz, president of Mavi, said the women’s denim collection is seeing an uptick in sales as fabric innovations help the brand achieve the same comfort and versatility of its athleisure competition.

“The yoga pant will never go away, but it won’t be as dominant as it was the last five years,” Durmaz said. “And ladies are finally seeing a slow down on skinny jeggings.”

The brand is countering the skinny jean slowdown with a line-up of cargo pants, cropped straight leg jeans, cropped wide leg jeans and high-rise crop jeans, elevated with performance fabrics, Tencel blends and soft fabrications with a heritage look.

Mavi’s top-performing women’s style in 2018—the Juliette cargo skinny—returns for fall with an expanded assortment of colors and animal prints. To fill the buzz for ’80s catwalk-meets-streetwear, Durmaz said the brand is playing with high-waisted jeans and denim skirts cinched with a belt. The brand is also introducing a glam collection, which Durmaz says is focused on sophisticated fabrics, zipper coin pockets, shiny buttons and pocket detailing. “I think we’ll see extreme rips become more seasonal,” he added.

In men’s, Durmaz says the updates are small but impactful.

Men’s silhouettes continue to slim down, but the brand is also seeing interest in the relaxed straight fit.

“It’s difficult to fit everyone with slims,” he said, adding “there is that athletic gentleman who needs a roomier fit in the thighs.”

The brand’s sport knit group is resonating with consumers, too. The knit fabric offers the comfort and feel of a jogging pant but with an authentic denim look.

Mavi is also introducing affordable selvedge men’s denim with a $150 retail price point.

The brand’s vintage authentic group grows stronger as the fabrics improve, according to Durmaz. Mills are advancing fabrics that have the appearance of rigid, heavy weight denim, but are wearable and soft.

“When we introduced authentic-looking denim about four seasons ago, the fabrics were quite rigid,” he said. “The jeans sold, but the volume wasn’t there.”

However, Durmaz said the mills listened to Mavi’s feedback and responded with old-school 14 oz. super soft and stretchy fabrics.

“I think that type of look caters to younger customers,” he said. “If you can add comfort to it, it can become a volume item.”