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Mavi Kicks Off Annual Indigo Turtles Project

Mavi released new T-shirts designed to help save sea turtles.

For the ninth year, the Turkish denim brand is showing its support for the Indigo Turtles Project, an ongoing partnership with Ecological Research Society (EKAD) to help protect endangered sea turtles, by donating proceeds from a special T-shirt collection.

For every T-shirt sold five baby sea turtles are adopted and Mavi will contribute to the natural habitat of the Mediterranean Sea. T-shirts retail for $28 each.

The project’s aim is to protect Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas, two species of sea turtles native to the Mediterranean that have navigated the earth for 110 million years. The turtles are born on land but spend most of their lives in the sea. They return to the nesting ground where they were born to lay their eggs, sometimes traveling thousands of sea miles to return home. Only 40 percent of the hatchlings make it to the sea and only one in 1,000 survives.

Mavi's new tees support the Indigo Turtles Project, a partnership with Ecological Research Society (EKAD) to protect endangered sea turtles.
Indigo Turtles Project Courtesy

EKAD monitors sea turtle populations, project nests and help baby sea turtles reach the sea. The organization also educates local people and tourists about sea turtles, raising awareness about conservation efforts.

This year’s T-shirts are made with BCI cotton. Available in men’s and women’s styles, the shirts feature blue watercolor turtle imagery with the phrase “Save The Indigo Turtles.” The shirts are available now on Mavi’s website in women’s sizes XS-L and men’s sizes S-XL.