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Montreal Artist Upgrades Mavi’s Montreal Showroom

Customers now have one more reason to visit the Mavi showroom in Montreal: A cheerful, graffiti-inspired mural now graces the interior and brings a piece of local art to the creative space.

In honor of Mavi’s 30th anniversary, the denim brand tapped artist Rose Cantin to create an inspiring focal point that promotes its decades of sustainable denim production. Playing off Mavi’s “All Blue” philosophy, the mural features inclusive phrasing such as “all for love” and “all for art,” and nods to the latest collection’s emphasis on comfort with a special “all about comfort” message depicted against a bright blue background.

After considering participants at Montreal’s annual Mural Festival, Mavi carefully selected Cantin for her “rustic and elegant” artwork. Cantin exclusively wore Mavi denim during the mural painting process, which the brand filmed and used to create a promotional video for its social media accounts.

“After the challenges of the last year, our goal for the Montreal showroom is to continuously promote positivity and create a welcoming environment. As a brand, we are very proud of the Mavi All Blue collection and the messaging behind it, so it seemed appropriate that it be the inspiration for the showroom,” said Cüneyt Yavuz, Mavi CEO. “With this collaboration, I am glad we are able to support a member of the local community. Rose is not afraid of pushing out of her comfort zones and trying something new while still remaining her true self. Rose embodies strength, confidence, and optimism, all pillars of Mavi All Blue.”

Denim brand Mavi tapped artist Rose Cantin to paint a mural in its Montreal showroom to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
Mavi x Rose Cantin mural Courtesy

Art and fashion have often come together to honor a company’s vision. Fashion stalwarts like Levi’s and Nordstrom have collaborated with artists on unique murals to provide a welcoming space for visitors around the world.

The mural helps transform the showroom from a meeting space into an immersive experience. With digital showrooms now an integral part of the fashion industry, the artwork adds a creative edge to in-person meetings. The mural is complemented by the space’s industrial elements like exposed brick, wood flooring and beams.

Located in Montreal at the Château Saint-Ambroise, the showroom is accessible to guests or by appointment.

Mavi sells in 35 countries and has global operations in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Australia. Its latest collections are produced using innovative laser technology and eco-conscious washing techniques that use less water and energy, and feature natural materials like Tencel, organic cotton and recycled fibers.