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Men’s Wearhouse and Kenneth Cole Support Veterans with Joint Collection

Men’s Wearhouse and Kenneth Cole are teaming up for a joint collection for a good cause. The Awearness Kenneth Cole line will be sold at Men’s Wearhouse locations nationwide and online, and benefits U.S. military veterans.

Pieces from the collection include suits (retailing at $649), sport coats ($349), dress slacks ($149), ties ($65) and dress shirts ($89).

A one percent contribution from all everyday gross sales of Awearness Kenneth Cole products will go toward helping veterans transition back into the workforce. On Veteran’s Day Men’s Wearhouse will increase the donation amount to ten percent of all gross sales of Awearness Kenneth Cole products that business day.

“We are excited to partner with Men’s Wearhouse and bring tailored clothing to their customer while at the same time, be able to assist our veterans in their transition into the workforce,” said Kenneth Cole, chairman and chief creative officer of Kenneth Cole Productions. “We have always sought to make an impact on people’s wardrobes, as well as communities in need, and are excited that this new partnership will do just that.”