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Levi’s Jeans Are Part of MNTGE’s First Physical Drop

MNTGE, the digital fashion house launched on the idea of photographing real-world vintage clothing and feeding those images into Web3, released its first physical products on Wednesday.

Called MNTGE Fruits and Veggies, the collection includes an “expert-sourced” one-of-one Levi’s 505 jean embroidered in Los Angeles in an all-over fruit and vegetable pattern designed by MNTGE co-founder Sean Wotherspoon. 

A mix of other Levi’s denim styles is available as well. Each garment is NFC-chipped to deliver a one-of-a-kind numbered, collectible denim art token to the owner’s digital wallet.

Wotherspoon said the classic, heritage design of Levi’s vintage denim and its ties to history were why he picked the pieces for the startup’s first drop. He chose garments with “a deeper personality and characteristics you can see in their wear, natural distressing, fade, and fit.”

“I also love fruits and veggies, so I put some of my favorites on the pants,” he added. 

The MNTGE Fruits and Veggies drop also includes a limited-edition run of MNTGE-branded vintage graphic T-shirts ranging from the 1960s to 2000s. The shirts are constructed of well-worn ultra-soft cotton-poly and feature a broad range of nostalgic iconography. The T-shirts will be available following the denim drop.

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The drop was released on the new MNTGE Market platform, which will host all future MNTGE physical releases. Wotherspoon said MNTGE Market is “just one of the vehicles we’re deploying to connect the dots between our physical every day and blockchain.” 

MNTGE Fruits & Veggies

MNTGE pass holders received first access to purchase the Fruits & Veggies denim on Wednesday. The jeans retail for $200 for MNTGE pass holders and $250 for the public.

By creating physical garments, the company is evolving into a brand. MNTGE previously released digital garments designed by Wotherspoon. In March, it offered a “custom token-gated experience” allowing users to unlock trunks to reveal one of four digital vintage garments that also exist in the physical world. The trunks included three “inks” enabling users to participate in the design of their digital and, eventually, physical garments.

“Our focus is on creating a brand that is both timeless and cutting-edge, drawing inspiration from a range of vintage items to create new garments,” said Nick Adler, MNTGE co-founder. “While technology certainly plays a role in our products, it is just one of many tools we use to bring our vision to life.”