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Monki’s New App Connects Consumers to H&M Group’s Garment Care Service

Consumer engagement is key in the aftermath of a global pandemic, and H&M Group’s Scandinavian-cool brand Monki is making sure it has shoppers’ full attention. It recently launched a new app in Sweden as part of its ongoing work to engage with its community and offer ways of interacting with the brand and each other.

The app is an accessible platform for Monki to share its “Planet Power” strategy of sustainability efforts and conscious initiatives that span a pivot to 100 percent certified organic cotton for its denim range, to call to actions to reuse and recycle.

Sustainability is at the crux of Monki’s latest projects. At the end of 2020, Monki dropped a capsule collection made from upcycled denim featuring sustainable elements such as recycled thread and zippers and eco-friendly hardware, further underscoring its push for extending denim’s lifecycle and breathing new life into old pieces.

One of the unique benefits of the app is that consumers can connect to M.IN.T. Care, a fashion care initiative within the H&M group. Short for “More INspiration To Care,” M.IN.T allows customers to order wash, repair or redesign services for their garments directly from their home. Consumers simply log in, select the items that need mending or washing, pack up the order and ship it off.

The services are provided by M.IN.T. Care partner, Washawell, a Swedish laundry company that uses environmentally friendly detergents and dry cleaners. Repair and alterations services are currently only available in Sweden, and the wash services are only available in Stockholm. The program, however, plans to expand geographically together with its stakeholders.

Monki’s app also serves as a hub for fans to mingle virtually. Described as a “digital [haven] for fashion inspiration and community interaction,” the app offers users the ability to access the “Monkisphere,” where they can share fashion inspiration, enter competitions and directly connect with the brand.

Users can also find and unlock unique in-store offers by using the scanning function within the app.