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Mud Jeans and Ikea Debut Upcycled Denim Couch Covers

Ikea may be best known for its challenging assembly instructions, but the Swedish furniture giant is also on a mission to make its business model sustainable. Its latest partnership with circular denim label, Mud Jeans, is step toward closing the loop.

Ikea and Mud collaborated on a denim couch cover made from upcycled denim. The cover, specially fitted for the retailer’s popular Klippan sofa, contains 40 percent post-consumer recycled denim (or the equivalent to two pairs of jeans), a classic medium wash and actual jean pockets on the sides.

The couch cover is a limited offering that’s exclusively sold in nine European markets, including the Netherlands—where Mud Jeans is based—Germany, the U.K., Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Italy.

An inherently sustainable product, a sofa cover helps to reinvent an old couch and extend its lifetime. “By offering new sofa covers made from recycled materials, we can help customers to renew their sofa and reuse materials,” said Piotr Jakubiak, deployment leader at new business and innovation deployment, Ikea of Sweden. “We are happy to work together with Mud Jeans to make the Klippan sofa cover with recycled denim. This simple action will give new life to the sofas and worn jeans.”

Seeing Ikea products as raw materials for the future and ensuring that all products have circular capabilities designed from the very beginning to be repurposed, repaired, reused, resold and recycled is part of the company’s 2030 sustainability goals. Inviting other partners such as Mud to be part of the solution is part of its strategy.

Similarly, since its launch Mud Jeans has been on a mission to extend the life of denim. It offers consumers the ability to “rent” jeans and repair them as needed to keep denim from ending up in a landfill. The brand also recently expanded its commitment to circularity by releasing a collection of undyed denim consisting of 60 percent organic cotton and 40 percent recycled denim.

The Ikea x Mud Jeans collaboration is right on trend as well, and joins the growing number of denim brands, including Levi’s and Wrangler, stepping into the booming home décor category since the start of the pandemic.