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Mustang Launches Body Shaping Denim

Mustang has launched a new denim quality for women called Body Shaping. The super elastic high-tech fiber offers maximum comfort and optimum support as it forms to the female body while lifting, supporting, and defining.

According to the company, its Body Shaping denim has been fabricated with an advanced dual-core technology. Two elastic fibers that deal with different complementary properties in elasticity are spun together to form a visible coat of pure cotton that encloses the double helix of elastic fibers, resulting in the authentic denim look.

The company stated: “With the Body Shaping Denim we have our highest standards of comfort, quality and function to a perfect blend Jeans for women. The composition of the fabrics, the used dual-core technology and compact weaving creates a super soft, cuddly jean with excellent return values. This denim sits even after hours of wear still perfect.”

The Body Shaping denim is available in two different washes in Gina Jeggings, Sissy Slim and Slim Jasmin cuts. Jeans retail for about $113.