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Nandan Denim Limited Profit Increases 30.5% in Q2

Nandan Denim Limited (NDL), India’s second-largest integrated denim fabric manufacturer, reported a net profit of approximately $2.3 million for Q2 2015-16, a 30.5% increases compared to the same period one year prior.

Net sales for the quarter ended Sept. 2015 totaled $44.8 million with sales higher by 6.4% over the same quarter net sales of last year.

Deepak Chiripal, Nandan Denim Limited CEO, said that the company is following its growth charter, and a disciplined approach will enable them to cement their position in the industry.

In a press release, Chiripal said, “We are building an organization that is agile to respond to the market forces and resilient enough to stand any possible adverse situation. We are investing in technology and manpower to make a powerhouse where quality rules at the highest hierarchy.”