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Naveena Aims for “Thirst-Free” Denim

Just say ‘no’ to water.

That’s the message Naveena is sharing in a new collection of “thirst-free” denim called H2NO, debuting at Kingpins Amsterdam, Oct. 25-26.

The Pakistan-based company is the latest denim mill to take on the industry’s water usage issue.

Naveena partnered with sustainability technology firm Jeanologia to produce the collection. H2NO denim is made by sustainable technology that uses air to reproduce ozone gas conditions in order to give fabric a worn-in, authentic appearance. It is the first time ozone is being used on the garment side of the denim process.

The “no steam, no water, no chemical” technology conserves up to 90 percent water and energy. Using this new process, the mill says it saves 12 liters of water per jeans and saves 10 to 12 tonnes of chemicals annually. The technology improves the mill’s E.I.M. score by more than 40 percent. The result is cleaner fabric that requires fewer washes and will ultimately reduce brands’ costs.

Naveena will install the ozone machine in November. However, brands like Levi’s and Marks and Spencer have already expressed interest. The mill stressed that it believes H2NO will be the way future denim is processed and it plans to develop its best-selling fabric with ozone technology to develop products that are of the same quality or better.

Naveena will present a complete H2NO collection at Denim Premiere Vision, Nov. 14-15 in Paris.