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Naveena and Francois Girbaud Experiment for Fall/Winter 2017

Pakistani-based denim mill Naveena is teaming up with denim veteran Francois Girbaud for a Fall/Winter 2017 capsule collection.

Girbaud is known for his brand Marithe+Francois, which pioneered stonewashing in the 1970s. The label has since folded, but Girbaud has continued to experiment with denim and sell designs through private, direct-to-consumer sales.

The details of the collection have not been released, but the companies spoke about their shared interest in sustainability and innovation.

Girbaud said, “Denim needs innovation.” He continued, “and it’s for this reason I’ve teamed up with Naveena. As one of the world’s leading denim mills, Naveena shares my aspirations to go beyond today’s frontiers, to look towards new horizons to create truly unique fabrics.”

Naveena Owner and CEO Massoud Riaz said, “There is no better partner for designing the most innovative denim fabrics that answer to the needs and expectations of this demanding market.”