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Naveena and Dyneema Form Strategic Partnership

Strong partnerships are a necessity in the contemporary denim market.

Fiber company Dyneema and Naveena Denim Ltd. have formed a preferred mill partnership to bring innovation and newness in the growing performance denim market.

Through its partnership with the Dyneema, the mill aims to offer the “complete package” in strong denim.

Naveena’s Fortified Denim Collection was designed to offer lifestyle options for consumers seeking durable denim. Each fabrication contains six percent Dyneema, while offering performance and comfort attributes like super stretch, lightweight and thermal regulation.

Dyneema ultra-lightweight fiber is up to 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40 percent stronger than aramid fiber weight to weight. Dyneema and cotton blends enhance all the aspects of classic design, including durability, toughness, protection and comfort.