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Naveena Rebrands Sustainable Solutions; Emphasizes the Benefits of Collaborations

There are many roads to sustainability. Naveena Denim Mills is amplifying its commitment to promote sustainable manufacturing by repackaging its eco innovations as one collection called Allydro.

The collection showcases four innovations—H2NO, Ecolean, Allydro Plus and Eternal Colors—made possible through collaborations with chemical manufacturers Archroma and DyStar, fiber manufacturer Lenzing and sustainable technology company Jeanologia. The innovations address water and chemical usages, as well as the longevity of garments.

As a collection, the mill aims to convey the importance of sustainable choices to the fashion industry and consumers.

“At Naveena, we have established innovative processes which allows us to work in full collaboration, and furthermore co-creation, with all our partners in the supply chain. We strongly believe that innovation is a cooperative process which should involve all our stakeholders,” said Aydan Tuzun, Naveena head of global sales and marketing.

The mill is focused on producing denim that is environmentally sound without sacrificing style or increasing manufacturing costs. “We believe in sustainable innovation that utilizes new technologies and discovers innovative ways of fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers while contributing to a better world,” Tuzun added.

Described as “thirst-free” denim, H2NO is manufactured with Jeanologia’s technology that reproduces ozone gas conditions. The technology uses ozone and requires no steam, chemical or water in the process. It marks the first-time ozone is used on the garment side of the denim process. Using this new process, the mill says it saves 12 liters of water per jeans and saves 10 to 12 tonnes of chemicals annually.

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Ecolean, a dye process created in collaboration with DyStar, reduces the effluence output while saving energy, water and time. The result is 95 percent sulphate reduction and 82 percent reduction in chemical oxygen demand.

Allydro Plus achieves distress looks by a simple, ecological pad-dry application. Made in partnership with Archroma, the process saves up to 45 percent of water, 51 percent in energy and 80 percent in effluent load. Allydro Plus offers designers complete color freedom and flexibility for wash downs.

Naveena’s Eternal Colors garments maintain a new appearance after extended use. The collaboration with Lenzing reduces water and energy by 50 percent compared to conventional dyeing processes. Eternal Colors ensures garments never fades and retains intensive colors with a 100 percent color fastness.

Naveena presented the rebranded collection last week at Bluezone in Munich, Germany. The show was a hub for collaborations and new processes geared toward cleaning up the supply chain.

Candiani enhanced its water-saving Re-Gen collection to include recycled cotton in both the warp and weft. Orta introduced a new technique called Exoart, which achieves an acid wash effect that reduced water usage by eliminating indigo tanks.

Meanwhile, interest in Artistic Milliner’s Crystal Clear, a partnership between DyStar and G-Star Raw, gained traction as an open source solution to creating recyclable water effluent without any salt by-products.