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North Carolina School District Considers Skinny Jean Ban

Wide-legged jeans may be making a comeback, but skinny jeans have recently been responsible for the most news stories. Last year, skinnies were held accountable for a woman’s hospitalization, as well a hate crime perpetrated against a group of musicians.

Now skinny jeans have become a matter of debate once again as students and administrators in the New Hanover County school system discuss whether the style should be banned by the dress code. At a meeting in April, the school board suggested that skinny jeans only be allowed if worn with a long shirt or dress.

The proposed rule read, “No leggings, ‘skinny jeans’ or other excessively tight fitting pants unless covered by a top or dress to the appropriate length. (The length of the top shall cover the posterior area in its entirety.)”

WECT reported that administrators had put the rule in place because larger female students wearing tight jeans were being bullied.

The school is now calling for students’ responses on social media and have received a lot of angry feedback. Students suggested that this is gender discrimination and that boys should be taught to control themselves rather than girls being forced to change. They also said that the school board should focus more of the quality of education than dress code issues.

Yahoo News reported that the final decision date has not been disclosed, but that the district thanked students for sharing their opinions.