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Year In Review: Inside Denim Mills

The unsung heroes of denim are the mills and those that work in them. Rivet cataloged the many important mills of 2016. From White Oak, to Orta to Global Denim and many others in between, here’s a closer look what it takes to get denim made.

White Oak Mills
White Oak Mills capitalized on being made in the USA. Located in Greensboro, NC, the mill represents quality, heritage and American manufacturing.

Isko launched jeggings in 2008, solidifying their place in fashion history. More recently, Isko launched Arquas, a collection focusing on performance and fashion.

The Italian mill founded by brothers Giuseppe and Egidio Berto in 1887 in Bovolenta, Italy, Berto offers variety in production abilities and is favored by high-fashion brands.

Orta began in 1953 as a spinning and weaving company and then made the move to exclusively produce denim in early 1980’s. With mills in Turkey and Bahrain, Orta is focusing on building a strong US presence.

Global Denim
The Mexico-based denim mill Global Denim sources 80 percent of their cotton from the US, and boasts their own hydropower plant, water treatment facilities. In 2016 the mill saw stretch denim continue to grow in popularity.

Brazilian mill Canatiba began 40 years ago and brought stretch denim to Brazil. Now, the mill invites designers that do not usually work with denim to experiment with the textile. The mill anticipates business with Europe and the US.

Atlantic Mills
Atlantic Mills launched an athleisure collection at Denim PV in 2016, and continued to work with all sorts of different brands while introducing denim innovations.