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NYDJ Puts Size-Inclusive Heritage Front and Center in 15th Anniversary Campaign

NYDJ is renewing its commitment to size inclusivity by featuring five unique women in a new ad campaign for its 15th anniversary.

The women, Catt Sadler, Maye Musk, Denise Bidot, June Diane Raphael and Gelila Bekele, were chosen to celebrate “15 years of inclusion” for NYDJ. The women’s blue jean brand launched as Not Your Daughter’s Jean’s back in 2003 to give women options for jeans other than the limited sizes and fits available at the time that typically were geared toward a younger customer. In 2013, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans rebranded to just “NYDJ” and committed to including all women and all sizes in its future. President and CEO, Lisa Collier, said the new campaign is about celebrating and continuing this vision.

“For 15 years, we’ve been serving women who have been underrepresented in the marketplace, a goal on which our brand was founded.  Regardless of age, size, shape and background, we’re committed to providing women with great fit, comfort and style,” Collier said about the new campaign.

NYDJ jeans come in more than 66 waist and inseam options, from petites 00 to 28—and the “Power of Fit” campaign pushes that point home with five women whose sizes span the fit spectrum.

“For this campaign, we are thrilled to partner with five incredible women: mothers who represent our brand’s mission in their life and work—paving new paths, opening doors, bending barriers and shattering ceilings,” Collier continued.

NYDJ has made some high-profile moves recently, adding CFO Jennifer Adams, previously of The Collected Group, earlier in the summer. The company also held a nation-wide search for “real women of all shapes and sizes” to star in its ad campaign last fall. This year, NYDJ opted for models who have already established themselves while sticking to its overall goals of inclusivity and body positivity.

“We’ve been changing the denim industry for 15 years, and we’re so excited to have Maye, Catt, Denise, June and Gelila— women who are continuing to change the world—in our campaign,” Collier said.

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NYDJ jeans are known for their distinctive fits and features that focus on comfort and stretch. Each pair of NYDJ jeans includes proprietary Lift Tuck Technology, a slimming panel added to accentuate and smooth curves. According to NYDJ, it was the first to market with this feature, which remains a unique selling point for the brand. Other features unique to NYDJ include “Cool Embrace” and “Future Fit” technologies, qualities, Collier explained, that have allowed NYDJ to stay competitive.

“Stretch and quality of construction are also critical, and over the years we’ve worked to evolve and continue to perfect these elements to ensure we stay on top of our game,” she concluded.