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How One Man’s Denim Stash Helped Levi’s Launch an Authorized Vintage Business

Levi’s wants to own the vintage denim market.

On Friday, the denim stalwart announced the launch of Levi’s Authorized Vintage, a new business offering consumers direct access to authentic vintage Levi’s from the brand itself.

The official clothing line was made possible by Levi’s acquisition of a mass amount of archive-quality denim. The collection, which was accumulated by a single owner over the course of two decades, spans jeans and Trucker jackets to hundreds of personalized pieces.

In an interview with GQ Style, Levi’s reveals that the denim stash was purchased from Jeff Fuller, a former Santa Monica-based vintage denim dealer. Fuller was toying with the idea of selling his collection when he met Levi’s President James Curleigh during a 2016 trade show in Las Vegas. The rest is history.

“This is the final proof point in our authentic denim leadership and our commitment to those fans seeking real vintage product from Levi’s,” Curleigh said on Levi’s Unzipped blog.

He added, “We want to encourage our customers to think about the sustainable nature of vintage and feel good about buying it from us, the original—we know our products last for generations.”

The Levi’s Authorized Vintage collection will be available for custom tailoring at the newly remodeled New York City SoHo flagship, as well as other Tailor Shops worldwide. Prices start around $198 for unaltered 501s. Levi’s plans to replenish the collection with authorized vintage denim.