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How This Made-in-America Brand Beat Levi’s and Wrangler

A pair of $124 men’s Factory Jeans by Maine-based brand Origin USA beat out 11 other brands and models as the best pair tested by Project Farm LLC, a YouTube channel devoted to testing products ranging from everything from motor oil and blenders to utility knives and drywall anchors.

The test pitted the Origin USA jeans against jeans by Duluth Double Flex ($75), Best Made ($160), Ariat Rebar M4 ($50), Wrangler 13MWZ ($40), All American Clothing ($65), Levi’s 501 ($45), Eddie Bauer ($50), Rural King ($10), RedHead ($20), Kirkland ($11) and Rustler’s ($13).

All models were tested for belt loop strength, breathability/air movement, rear pocket failure weight, crotch tear, puncture resistance and pocket puncture resistance. Duluth, Best Made and Ariat had a three-way tie for second place with the remaining brands ranked in quality in the order listed.

All the pants were literally destroyed in the tests, which included rubbing them with sandpaper to determine fabric abrasion and weighing down their back pockets until they ripped off.

Subjective qualities such as comfort and fit were also considered in the review as were details such as shrinkage and pocket depth. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being excellent and 5 being poor, the Duluth Double Flex model also won the fit category with a ranking of 1. Both Rural King and RedHead scored the lowest, 3, when it came to fit.

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RedHead also scored the poorest in the pocket puncture resistance test. Its pocket liner ripped after just 3.8 pounds of pressure was applied whereas the Origin USA jeans model’s pockets were the most durable and able to withstand 11.7 pounds of resistance before giving way.

All American’s denim fabric, meanwhile, was the most durable of the lot and did not puncture until 18.2 pounds of pressure was applied. Both Best Made’s and Rustler’s failed with just 10.8 pounds of pressure applied.

The Duluth pair was the most breathable, followed by Rural King. Kirkland and All American Clothing both tied for last in that category.

Levi’s 501 and Rural King scored the worst in the fabric abrasion test. Their denim began to fray after just four swipes of 180 grit sandpaper. The Ariat Rebar M4 won that challenge and did not tear until 11 sandpaper rubs.

Host Todd (aka Project Farm) concluded that while the Duluth jeans are comparatively expensive, they are worth the price and that the Wrangler and Ariat models are also good bangs for the buck.