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Orta and Filatures du Parc Debut Recycled Collection

Orta and Filatures du Parc aim to end the debate about whether recycled denim can look good with the launch of the Recycled Collection. The innovation partners presented the capsule collection last week at Keyhouse, Munich Fabric Start’s area dedicated to sustainability and technology.

Made at Orta’s Bahrain facility, the line of fabrics uses Filatures du Parc’s patented technology that preserves the length of recycled fibers, resulting in stronger and better quality yarns. Orta presented the concept with deconstructed boyfriend jeans and a trendy hashtag jumper dress.

“Sustainability is for the next generation,” said Eric Gunzle, Filatures du Parc marketing manager. With countries like Germany, Norway and Finland specifically asking for recycled and sustainable fibers, Gunzle believes it will only be a matter of time for interest to spread to other regions of the world.

Filatures du Parc’s patented process starts with the consumer. Recycled fibers are made from post-consumer denim collected through the Orta’s European retail partners. Jeans are sorted according to shade and reduced back to fiber by Filatures du Parc. The France-based spinner blends the recycled fiber with PET, or recycled polyester fiber made from plastic bottles. Eric Gunzle, Filatures du Parc marketing manager, said the end product approximately 50 percent recycled denim and 50 percent PET.

Filatures du Parc’s patented yarn spinning process also reduces the amount of dye pollution normally experienced in this step.

Gunzle said the technology is not exclusive to Orta (the spinner also works with Arvind and Kilim) and it can be applied to knits. In fact, Gunzle said Patagonia is the spinner’s “best customer.”