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Orta and Mavi Jeans Combine Efforts to Save Indigo Turtles

For a second year, Orta and Mavi Jeans have teamed up to support the Ecological Research Society (EKAD) in its efforts to save indigo turtles, a species of sea turtle native to the Mediterranean. In addition to sending employees to volunteer, the companies are collaborating on a T-shirt, the profits from which will benefit the organization.

The men’s and women’s T-shirts are printed with images of the turtles. Every purchase of a T-shirt will help save the lives of ten baby turtles and make a contribution to the Mediterranean basin. The shirts retail for $28.

The indigo turtles hold special significance to Turkey-based companies Mavi and Orta, as the animals play a crucial role to the Mediterranean’s marine ecosystems, and a large proportion of the turtles’ nesting grounds are on Turkey’s beaches.

Orta employees will rejoin EKAD volunteers in Turkey to assist in data collection, nest protection and efforts to minimize human impact on nesting grounds. Generally, only 40 percent of hatchling turtles reach the water, and only one in a thousand survive after that. Last year, the campaign helped 15,000 baby indigo turtles achieve safe passage back to the open ocean.