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Orta Releases Bio-Kinetic Denim with Emana

Science meets fashion in Orta’s Bio-Kinetic Denim for Spring ’17. The mill is partnering with Emana, a smart yarn by Solvay, for a range of Bio-Kinetic Denim that absorbs heat and returns it in the form of far infrared rays to improve the appearance of the wearer’s skin.

The denim is constructed with Emana Black, a dark and stylish option of Emana, a polyamide 6.6-based smart yarn with incorporated bioactive minerals. By absorbing body heat, the minerals emanates far infrared rays to the skin improving its firmness and reducing imperfections. The technology is permanent, regardless of the amount of washes the garment goes through.

Jeans made with bio-kinetic denim can improve blood microcirculation in the skin, increase skin’s elasticity, tonicity and softness, reduce “orange peel” skin and provide high levels of comfort. In order to achieve the aesthetic results, Orta recommends wearing Bio-Kinetic Denim with Emana Black for at least 30 consecutive days, six hours a day.