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Orta’s Ebru Debbağ on Growing a Global Denim Business

Ebru Debbağ, Orta deputy manager of product development, sales and marketing, has been in the denim industry for 25 years, and, in that time, she has seen a lot of change. When Orta first launched its denim business in the early 80s, the mill produced only 14 oz. rigid fabrics and served only 10 jeanswear brands. Now, rigid fabrics are only about 10 percent of Orta’s business, and the mill caters to 500 different clients globally.

The denim market has a capacity of 7 billion meters, and Orta fabrics cater to the upper tier, which is estimated to be 1.5 billion meters, Debbağ explained. The mill works with retailers, private label brands, designer labels, global manufacturers and sportswear brands who are dominant leaders of each segment. The mill must also continue to update technology for its products and manufacturing processes. Pushing all this innovation is the fact that there are currently 2 billion meters of surplus fabric being produced, so mills must fight for their business.

According to Debbağ, the challenge of this is that the mill must consider the end consumer for each of the mill’s brands. One way Orta has been approaching this is to create mini collections to display each season of fabric, to demonstrate the fit and styling.

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