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Outland Denim Joins Global Fashion Agenda as Associate Partner

Outland Denim, Australia’s first Certified B Corporation denim brand, is the latest denim company to joined the Global Fashion Agenda as an associate partner.

As an associate partner, Outland joins brands like Everlane, G-Star, Allbirds and Ganni in Global Fashion Agenda’s mission to guide and support the fashion industry towards a sustainable future. The “hand-picked” group provides feedback and supply input developed by Global Fashion Agenda and its strategic partners. The non-profit organization hosts the Copenhagen Fashion Summit and releases annual sustainability reports.

Outland Denim was selected for its efforts to support disadvantaged women through employment at its own production facility in Cambodia. Founded in 2011 by James Bartle, the brand provides holistic care of their staff through wage and personal development initiatives and commits to sustainable raw materials.

“We desire to see the entire fashion industry take responsibility for its use of human and natural resources throughout the supply chain while correcting deficiencies, mitigating the industry’s historical impact and demonstrating that we can be an answer to some of the world’s greatest social problems, such as entrenched, endemic poverty,” said James Bartle, founding CEO of Outland Denim. “This cannot be done without great vision, leadership and collaboration. For us, partnering with Global Fashion Agenda is a definite step in this direction.”

The brand entered the U.S. market in Fall ’18 and quickly rose to fame when Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wore a pair of Outland’s black skinny jeans during a tour of Australia. The royal wore the brand again this week to a Wimbledon match.