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This Kickstarter Wants to Bring Eco-Friendly Overalls to All

A company that checks all the boxes—sustainable, unisex and size-inclusive—Over All 1516, is bringing eco-friendly overalls to conscious consumers and their kids.

Available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the Australian-based children’s brand uses 100 percent cotton and pre-consumer upcycled denim for its line of overalls, which are made in a closed loop third generation textile mill in Guatemala.

“I believe we should only put items into the world that are worthy of using our precious resources,”designer Eirlie Millicent Chisholm wrote on her Kickstarter page. “This requires getting it right from the very first step—by investing in the most eco-friendly and responsible materials available.”

Chisholm scrutinizes these types of production details to ensure the process is as clean as possible. What’s more, universal fit helps propel the brand’s sustainability even further, as garments are designed to fit the wearers as they grow, limiting the need for new clothes at every stage of development.

Garments are ethically manufactured in a studio in rural Australia—unless consumers want to take that part into their own hands. One of the offerings that makes Over All 1516 unique is its Over All 1516 Sewing Pattern kit, 39 Australian dollars ($28), which comes with a sewing pattern for its signature children’s overalls, an instruction booklet and an “Over All and Friends” garment label.

Consumers can customize their overalls with A-Z[ero waste] denim patches made from offcuts of the overall production process, available with a contribution of 15 Australian dollars ($10) or more. Overalls for adults are available, too, in unisex sizes.

The Over All 1516 concept is resonating with consumers. The brand launched a Kickstarter with a goal of raising $6,919 by Nov. 7. As of Tuesday, Over All 1516 has pulled together $7,678, exceeding its target and confirming that the project will go on.