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Create & Cultivate Honors Paige Founder Paige Adams-Geller

Paige, a denim brand known for its strong female leadership, had a unique presence on the red carpet at Create & Cultivate’s recent event in Los Angeles. Creative director and co-founder Paige Adams-Geller was joined by Minnie Mouse, who was decked out in a custom Paige denim jacket.

Both Adams-Geller and the Disney character were nominated in the fashion category of Create & Cultivate’s 100 list, which honors 100 female change makers across a number of industries. Adams-Geller partnered with Disney to provide the embellished jacket.

Create & Cultivate is a conference organizer that brings together millennial women in business. As one of the few female founders in denim, Adams-Geller is a natural choice for the Create & Cultivate 100. Since launching the brand in 2004, she’s grown the company to more than 300 employees, and opened 15 brick-and-mortar locations with more on the way.

In an interview on Create & Cultivate’s blog, Adams-Geller shared her best advice for other entrepreneurs: “My advice for other entrepreneurs is to have a ‘reason to be,’ and a clear vision and strong voice. If you are passionate and authentic, your point of difference becomes a greater asset. It’s also important to remember that you will make mistakes, the key is to learn from them in order to grow.”

Minnie Mouse—which Create & Cultivate cited as a “fashion icon,” thanks to her signature polka-dot dress and yellow heels—was dressed in a custom rose-colored dress with silver accents and a cropped light-wash denim jacket with embellished shoulders. Minnie’s iconic polka-dot bow was replaced with one in rose gold to complete the look.

“It was an honor to collaborate with Disney to dress Minnie Mouse for the Create & Cultivate 100 List Launch Party,” Adams-Geller told People. “She’s iconic, timeless and fun! Her positive energy is contagious and brings smiles to so many faces. We loved seeing her Paige outfit come to life.”

Genre-crossing partnerships like this are becoming more popular for clothing brands looking to expand their demographics and to tap into millennials’ love for nostalgia. Gucci recently partnered with Disney for a 2020 Resort collection that featured images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse on logo garments and accessories. In August, Hello Kitty partnered with Levi’s on a women’s and girls’ collection that celebrated the character’s 45th anniversary.

Create & Cultivate will host panel discussions on topics like sustainability, marketing and community building next week at Project Women’s in Las Vegas.