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Paige Touts ‘Elevated Classics’ for Fall

Paige’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection for men blurs the lines between comfort and function.

Spanning cozy flannel button-down shirts, long-sleeve collared shirts, washed knit cardigans to slim-fitting bottoms in corduroy and gray denim, the collection of elevated essentials serves as the framework for a classic men’s wardrobe.

“Our fall collection was inspired by the idea of reflection, focusing on the now, and prioritizing what’s important,” said John Geller, men’s director for the Los Angeles denim brand. “We also integrated our utilitarian take on everyday fall classics that will elevate any outfit in your wardrobe.” 

Along with tying in the fall color palette of green, ruby rum and ivory cream, the collection includes an array of colored denim featuring forest greens, deep reds, dusty blues, light tans, and rich browns. 

Denim highlights include the Lenox slim fit and Scout jean jacket in vintage pine, while a bronze satin half-zip jacket and wine-colored leather jacket add a touch of edginess to the autumnal story.  

Paige’s shift from trend-driven fashion to wardrobe-building classics underpins the growing need for versatile office attire

“There’s simply a different type of energy when you’re getting dressed to head into the office,” Geller said. “Getting ‘dressed’ is now more exciting than ever.”

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While shopping, it’s “imperative” for men to mix comfort-focused work-from-home-era pieces with fashion that makes them feel good and accommodates their daily needs, he said. “There are certain products that transcend trends and seasons, denim in particular, that are essential for every man’s wardrobe,” he added. 

One of those products is Paige’s Transcend fabric, which Geller says continues to “set us apart from our competition.”  

Launched in 2014 during the mainstreaming of activewear as everyday wear, Transcend offers consumers technical performance like stretch and recovery with a soft yet true denim look. This fall, the brand is showcasing the fabric in shades of rich blue indigo, medium greys, blacks, and vintage-inspired washes. 

“Comfort and fashion are always at the forefront of our denim designs,” Geller added.