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Levi’s Opens New Tailor Shops

From new denim constructions, weights and washes to the steps global mills are taking to reduce impact, Rivet's SS23 In Season Look Book: Denim & Trims has everything you need to know for a successful denim season.

Levi’s is expanding their tailor shops with new customization services to add personality to their denim. The brand lists available treatments that include: patches, length alterations, monogramming, studs, rip & repair, tapering, jeans-to-shorts and cut-off sleeves.

Levi’s is promoting the tailor shops as a temporary service, available only for Summer 2015 and geared toward festival season. The expansion is currently centered around European locations, with tailor shops popping up in Germany, France, Italy, the U.K., the Netherlands, Spain, and Australia.

Customization services will cost up to 30 euros (about $33) and Levi’s offers a free customization service if you buy two items.