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Pepe Jeans London Unveils Responsible Innovation Program

Pepe Jeans London is working to reduce the denim industry’s carbon footprint with Tru-Blu, its new program to foster sustainable design and production.

On its website, the U.K.-based brand said over the next few months, new product releases will help strengthen its sustainability commitment, which is rooted in an overarching goal to adopt eco-conscious design and production processes across the company.

With the program, Pepe Jeans London aims to inspire consumers to build greener wardrobe and be a leader in eco-technology, by developing denim garments that require minimal water use, omit hazardous chemicals and reduce pollution.

“Pepe Jeans London has long understood the importance of sustainability in its production process, taking its eco-conscious focus as seriously as it designs for the future of denim,” Pepe Jeans London’s said on its site. “The Tru-Blu program is born to spark an eco-revolution.”

The Tru-Blu program includes three core components: Wiser Wash, Ice Shock and the Tru-Blu sustainable denim line.

Developed by ECO PRK, a responsible denim innovation company, Wiser Wash is a denim washing process that removes the use of pumice stones and harmful chemicals involved in traditional denim washing. According to ECO PRK, this process yields full decolorization, including abrasions and bright contrasts, using less than one cup of water.

Ice Shock is a sustainable washing technique that leverages dry ice pellets to provide denim with a natural washed look. Pepe Jeans London said this process helps minimize the use of other chemical cleaning agents that may be harmful to the environment.

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Rounding out the program is a Pepe Jean London’s new denim collection, also called Tru-Blu. Garments in the collection require zero chemical washes. The company said the collection was created to radically reduce water consumption and eco-friendly steps, including the use of natural ozone gas treatments. The treatments provide each pair of jeans with personalized details, like indigo contrasts.

The women’s collection includes distressed boyfriend fits, including the Jolie and the Joey, the Pixie mid waist skinny fit, the Vera low waist slim fit, the Mira mid waist straight fit and other popular denim cuts, like Banji low waist bootcut fit and the Regent high waist regular fit. Available in a variety of light and dark washes, the collection ranges from sizes 24 to 24 and retails from roughly $104 to $116.

For men’s denim, the collection spans several garments, including regular fits and tapered fits. The Stanley style is available in a dark wash regular fit and a light blue tapered fit. Skinny jeans are also part of the collection, like the Finsbury low waist skinny fit in dark blue and the Finsbury low waist skinny fit in light blue. The line offers men’s sizes 28 to 40 and retails from around $104 to $184.