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Why Premium Denim Designers Love Cone

“Most of the garments that we look to for inspiration are probably made with Cone denim,” said Michele Manz, Current/Elliott vice president of design. “To be able to use the actual Cone selvedge fabrics just makes our fabrics have even more integrity.”

Current/Elliott has used Cone fabrics for several years, including White Oak 1968 selvedge, a rigid 14 oz. denim. One way the brand is bringing heritage to the present is blending vintage fabrics with modern yarns to make rigid-looking denim with built-in stretch.

Current/Elliott styles made with Cone Denim

Brands’ love for Cone extends across the ocean. G-Star has used a variety of Cone products and has worked continuously with Cone on collaborative fabrics and innovations. Tessa Van Doorn, manager of fabrics and finishes at G-Star, said, “Their vintage constructions from the American Draper fly shuttle looms are not available anywhere else in the world and create this true authentic denim look we are after.”

Though Amsterdam, G-Star’s hometown, has now probably become the largest denim city in the world, using a fabric made in America is still meaningful to G-Star. “Made in USA still speaks for premium denim. For many people the denim roots are still inhabited in their minds, connected to the USA,” said Van Doorn.