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Premium Denim Startup DSTLD Attracts Investors on SeedInvest

Premium denim startup DSTLD is garnering attention from investors on SeedInvest. As of publication time, the company boasts over $8 million in investment interest.

DSTLD is based on the premise of offering high-quality garments for a fraction of its regular price by foregoing traditional retail “middlemen” like boutiques and department stores. Founded less than two years ago by a Los Angeles-based team of creative professionals, the company sells jeans at one-third the price of other retailers (less than $100), which the company says makes them more competitive in the crowded premium denim space.

The line also offers modern staples including tops, outerwear and accessories in a core palette of black, white and denim. Its products are manufactured in North America and use sustainable materials and natural dyes whenever possible.

DSTLD, which has sold over 34,000 items since Q4 2014, and has seen year-over-year growth of 640 percent between Q3 2014 and Q3 2015, is expected to file for a Reg A+ offering soon.