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Primark Debuts Jeans Made with 100 Percent Sustainable Cotton for Under $20

Fast fashion retailer Primark launched its first ever range of jeans made from 100 percent sustainable cotton, retailing for under $20. The collection of women’s skinny jeans hit stores across the U.K. and Europe on Tuesday.

The jeans are made with cotton from Primark’s Sustainable Cotton Programme, which launched in India in 2013. The program helps farmers grow cotton using more natural farming methods, including minimizing the use of chemical pesticides and reducing water consumption.

Primark expanded the program into Pakistan last year, resulting in more than 28,000 farmers across both markets enrolling in the training. The company said early year one results recorded in Pakistan are promising, with farmers’ profits already increasing.

“They are also starting to see average reductions of more than 20 percent in chemical pesticide and fertilizer use and more than 15 percent in water use,” Primark said.

The jeans launched under the Primark Cares initiative, a product range that uses recycled paper for labels and has included items like a top and leggings set made from recycled polyester and biodegradable water bottles.

In August 2017, the brand launched women’s pajamas made with cotton from its Sustainable Cotton Programme. Primark has described the collection as one of its “most popular” product launches, having sold more than 11.2 million pairs since its debut. More sustainable cotton products will be released this year, including in home goods, according to the company.

“From harvesting the sustainable cotton from fields in India and Pakistan, right through to using recycled paper for our Primark Cares labels, sustainability has been at the heart of every stage of developing and designing these jeans,” said Paula Dumont Lopez, trading director at Primark. “Our Sustainable Cotton Programme is not only good for the planet, but it is also changing lives in India and Pakistan. That’s why I was so passionate about using the cotton in jeans, one of our most popular product ranges.”