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Tommy Hilfiger to Launch Tees Made with Infinited Fiber Company

PVH Corp.’s Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein brands are ramping up their sustainable fiber usage with a multi-year partnership with Infinited Fiber Company.

The circular fashion technology group is the maker of Infinna, a regenerated textile fiber with the soft and natural look and feel of virgin cotton. The biodegradable component is produced by liquifying the cellulose in its feedstock and respinning it into fiber. Any non-cellulosic materials in the raw material, like polyester, elastane and dyes, are removed in the process. PVH was one of the first companies to work with fabrics made from the fiber.

As part of the new partnership, Infinna will first be used in Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts released in Europe this summer, and later roll out to Calvin Klein products. Garments will feature on-product labeling so consumers can learn more about the responsible nature of the items. PVH Europe will also be able to recycle its own takebacks and factory cut-offs as raw material for Infinited Fiber’s process.

“We are committed to pioneering and partnering with like-minded industry leading companies that drive more innovative and sustainable products,” said Esther Verburg, executive vice president, sustainable business and innovation, Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe. “We are proud to join forces with Infinited Fiber Company to transform our waste into new products, truly closing the loop without sacrificing the high-quality our consumers know and expect from our brands. We look forward to implementing this game-changing technology so we can reach a new level of circularity as we strive to truly future-proof our business.”

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PVH Corp. launched its corporate responsibility strategy, Forward Fashion, to confirm its commitment to circularity and innovation. In line with the strategy, it has joined the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, which provides a new system for responsibly grown cotton, and looked to alternative sources to leather such as mushrooms and grapes left over from the wine industry.

Infinited Fiber Company has gained traction over the years, forming new partnerships with responsibly focused fashion brands. In 2021, H&M Group’s Weekday released just 64 pairs of women’s jeans made with Infinna. Kontoor Brands-owned Wrangler also debuted a two-piece collection made with 30 percent Infinna fiber and 70 percent cotton last fall. The line combined Infinna with its own industry-leading innovations including Indigood, a foam-dye technology that lowers wastewater by over 99 percent, and an e-flow finishing process that uses “nano bubbles” to distribute chemical products more efficiently during the fabric’s finishing process. Ganni also tapped the fiber maker in November when it purchased 100 kilograms of the material, enough to make 500 T-shirts.