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Reactions to RiverBlue Speak to a Movement Toward Sustainability

The apparel industry has been weighing on the global environment for centuries—and denim has played no small role.

Now, however, more and more brands and manufacturers are looking for ways to lessen their impacts on the world, and sustainability has been a constant topic of conversation. And that’s why there’s been a general feeling among the industry that there was no better time than now for RiverBlue to hit our screens.

The film, which has been rolling out in recent screenings around the world including last week at Bluezone at Munich Fabric Start, documents the destruction of the world’s rivers, following international river conservationist Mark Angelo on his journey to uncover solutions for a more sustainable future.

To get the denim industry’s pulse on the film and what it means for the sector, Carved in Blue caught up with key experts to hear their perspectives.

“We humankind usually learn our lesson in the hard way,” said Ebru Ozaydin, head of global marketing and U.S. sales for Artistic Milliners. “The RiverBlue documentary reveals a sad truth about fashion pollution and how much it hurts our beautiful planet—more in the depth of toxic dyes from textile manufacturing which is often dumped directly into rivers where environmental regulations aren’t strict. The documentary is clearly giving message to everybody who buys, sells and manufactures ‘fashion.’”

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