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Reebok President Matt O’Toole On the Pump and the Next Fitness Consumer

Reebok is officially back, but company president Matt O’Toole would be the first to point out that the athletic brand never left the building. Rather, Reebok is the kid who went away to summer camp (intense, no-nonsense Crossfit summer camp) and came back with a cool, can-do attitude.

Revived by its motivational, rally cry “Be More Human” ad campaign that launched this past Super Bowl Sunday, a network of FitHubs that combine community, fitness and retail under one roof, and a growing partnership with the UFC, Reebok is now moving forward by looking back at one of its most iconic innovations, the Pump, for inspiration.

This spring marks the revival of Reebok’s Pump technology, the trend-breaking sneaker construction that put the brand on the performance map over 25 years ago. O’Toole said the new ZPump Fusion, a men’s and women’s running shoe, answers market demand for both nostalgic and high-performance footwear.

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