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Women Are Buying More Leggings Online, But Still Spend More on Jeans

Women are buying more leggings online, but they’re still spending twice as much on denim.

According to a report by Slice Intelligence, women have ordered more leggings than jeans online during the fall shopping season compared to last year. Analyzing data from over four million online shoppers, Slice Intelligence found that legging orders have increased by 41 percent this year while denim orders online have only grown by 3 percent.

Despite this, women are still spending more money on jeans. Based on Slice Intelligence’s data from last year, spending on jeans generated 48 percent more money online then leggings, with female shoppers spending around $62 on average for denim and $31 on average for leggings.

The report also showed that Amazon and Nordstrom were the most popular sites for shopping for leggings with 11.6% and 10.8% of market share respectively.

When it comes to location, sales of leggings are higher in the Northeast and parts of the Midwest, whereas denim sales for women are highest in the South and Southwest. Slice Intelligence did not present an analysis of the difference of denim and leggings popularity per-state in their report.